Montag, 18. Januar 2016


I'm in the Cabin for studying and do some winter training at the moment. We have to build up trust with the Cabin, so -12 degree Celsius is a start for building up trust between us (me) and the Cabin.

I barely got up to the Cabin with the car, last 50 meters I used the snow chains. Today I retreated with the car to a parking area a kilometer away, because I don't want to get caught by snow or ice up the hill.

It's strange this time...

I couldn't wait to get here, and as I arrived...bad mood...winter blues ? I don`t know, and I don't care, maybe it's also a "settling in" process.

So, first aid:

I carried 50 Kg of coal, wood and other stuff up the hill, then Hexe -My Terrier-  and I did a 5 Km snow show walk...without snow shoes. We have to buy some...Phantastic to see all the animal a bit little scary with seeing wild boar tracks....but it wasn't there...good for it. I am the "Top Dog Boar" here...haha...

Back to study now for my mastercraftsman cert. ....and sorry for the strange writing....but as I said, strange times at the moment.

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