Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016

Outhouse / Compost Toilet..

...a toilet without water...

You basicly catch your processed food in a bucket and your urine (male/female) is caught in a special inlet, which is directing it through a pipe into a canister or sewage pit. You choose...

If you have finished, just grab a hand or two of bark mulch and throw it over your leavings. The orange 20 liter birch mulch bucket lasts a week-ish.

The inlet I used is from separett , it's called:" The mild winter house". The company is from Sweden, so I guess mild means till -30 degree Celsius :-)

The toilet is not finished yet, but it works sound ! I have to install a couple features, like an air pipe and a door to access the bucket from outdoors.

For a perfect setup, we have choosen to use furthermore a closed composter and 3 buckets for rotation. To be direct: With 2 persons you need a new bucket after 3 days ish...

I marked the floor with red color so that the bucket is exactely on the same spot every time after changing it - to avoid accidents.

I wish you a good aim and luck !

The Wolf

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