Montag, 7. März 2016

The most important skill you can have.......HOMEBREWING

I've bottled my wine from last year. 20 liters of peach wine and 20 liters plum wine.

Next stuff to brew is elderflower champagne in May - ish.

So, behind the cabin we found large amounts of sloe sloe wine is on the plan for late this year, because you have to pick the sloe's for brewing after the first, hard frost.

Too late now.....

Is there a patron saint for home brewers ? I just know  Charly Mopps :-)

Have a nice day, or evening, where ever u may be.


Sonntag, 6. März 2016

Potato Paradoxon

"Don't plant potatos, they are cheaper to buy."

"Makes no sense, u'll need to much space for it."

"Buy it so you don't have problems with the blight."

" If I need them in hard times, I just throw a handful in the Garden and I have plenty then..."

I heard that all.

For me it's about the skill, the ability, the right potato sort, the right set up.

If you are starting, when you really rely on your skills producing food, it's too late, you failed.

And the spuds are your least concerns then...

Freitag, 4. März 2016

Foraging, talking to the locals and Tibet

We just talked to some locals here, (surprisingly?!) we are sharing the same mindset about living with/from nature. We talked for more than an hour standing in the snow at -7 degree Celsius, hopefully a beginning of a new friendship.

Mushrooms, apples, blueberry, acron, chickweed are plenty here, unfortunately no chestnut.
Burdock we have to check, an old unused well is close by.

If there was a storm, all men from the village have to go to the forest and clean it from fallen trees and branches. I like this kind of work and community because it is local.

I support local businesses, local products and the local community. Invest in good people around you, support them, help them bring them together, then u'll stand a chance in the rough times  coming.

This piece of land in Thuringia gave us a nice start in 2016, now we are trying to get our hands on an old farm there, finishing what we started in Ireland: Living mostly Self Sufficient, living OTG. Living in freedom with least possible influence from our political - and economical society.

Living in peace with the land.


We got the first letter from our godchild in Tibet after the big earthquake last year. Tashi delek.