Freitag, 4. März 2016

Foraging, talking to the locals and Tibet

We just talked to some locals here, (surprisingly?!) we are sharing the same mindset about living with/from nature. We talked for more than an hour standing in the snow at -7 degree Celsius, hopefully a beginning of a new friendship.

Mushrooms, apples, blueberry, acron, chickweed are plenty here, unfortunately no chestnut.
Burdock we have to check, an old unused well is close by.

If there was a storm, all men from the village have to go to the forest and clean it from fallen trees and branches. I like this kind of work and community because it is local.

I support local businesses, local products and the local community. Invest in good people around you, support them, help them bring them together, then u'll stand a chance in the rough times  coming.

This piece of land in Thuringia gave us a nice start in 2016, now we are trying to get our hands on an old farm there, finishing what we started in Ireland: Living mostly Self Sufficient, living OTG. Living in freedom with least possible influence from our political - and economical society.

Living in peace with the land.


We got the first letter from our godchild in Tibet after the big earthquake last year. Tashi delek.

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