Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

Preserving: Einwecken....kind of canning...with a special "Weck Jar"

Weck is a old German company making equipment for preserving food. My grandmother, my great grandmother and even my great-great grandmother Liesel used this system of preserving.

I grew up with food preserved in Weck jars. Fruit, meat, soups, vegetables....nearly everything can be "eingeweckt werden", as we say.

Why am I a fan ?

My point: Something went wrong while preserving or something wrong with the food - the vacuum is instantly gone, "Weck Jar" opens lid and you know: Something wrong! Don't eat it.

There is a wiki page in english, explaining it HERE

For the Cabin I have three main dishes preserved at present:

1. Irish Stew (Without beer)
2. Pumpkin Soup (Made from a Hokaido pumpkin)
3. Minced Meat (Boiled in the Weck Jar for 2 hours)
3. Paleo Muffin (Without flour and sugar)

If your are interrested in the recepies, please comment.

Einwecken in a big pot, the cheapest way.

Transport Box for driving to the Cabin


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