Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016

OTRA: Rhinehessian Nordic Walking Park


Tomorrow I am off for a day marching. I am driving to the "Rhinehessian Nordic Walking Park". It 's close to Frankfurt/ Main (Known for the big Airport) in Rhinehessian-Palantine county.

As I said, marching, hiking,  I don't do it Nordic Style...because... I am just using sticks when there is half a meter snow and I am in need for snow shoes. My style!

It's a hilly area mainly with wineyards. There are also a lot of long distance hiking tracks. You even get gpx files for your navigation system.

From 1,5 Km to 150 Km-ish tracks u'll get everything there. People are very, very friendly. 20 years ago, I guided a group there, we were in dire need of water. We rang on a door, asking for water. Good people deserving what they are, I guess....we got water, wine, cake, bread with local meat specialities.....

As we thanked our hosts, asking what we have to pay, they said:" Nothing you are good people, it was a nice time talking to you, thank u for that."

That experience gave me hope.....because it was a hard days work for me....a friend of mine killed himself a couple of days before.

So, meeting good people always brightens up your life.

I am using the "Katadyn Bottle" for cleaning this kind of water.

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