Sonntag, 3. Januar 2016

One important aim for 2016

15 years ago (alternativ: 20 kg ago).I was an ultra long distance runner, loved it, twas fun.

  • 100 Km on a 400 m track in a sportstadion, thats 250 times running in circles.
  • 75 Km run from Hamburg to Lübeck in Germany
  • Shortest crossing of Germany (Husum to Schleswig, 50 Km ish)
  • 63 Km run to the River Rhine Valley
  • ...some trailruns...a.s.o.
Things I did...nothing special, other runners running 250 Km and more in 24 hours, running days through the "Death Valley" in U.S. 

Point is, I am still missing the adventures, the challenges, being worn out and bouncing back then.., meeting interresting people....see my body working with nature.... even on this small scale.

Now I am back on the road again, Willi Nelson.

But this time with hiking, because it suits more our lifestyle now, call it walking/hiking between to worlds, high stress tech life and simple living in a cabin.

So basicly I am running at present 5 Km every 2 days. On the weekends I'll hike the longer distances for training.

Time is passing....GPS is now tiny as a smartphone....and with maps... (We are not getting older, Tech is developing faster...:-)   )

The aim is an organised 65 Km hike in August. Training started 2 weeks ago...cross fingers for's a hike back in an auld, known, loved life,

the Wolf

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