Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015

Water Filtering

On the picture below you see our current setup for water filtering. We are using a Katadyn "Dip Gravidyn" for filtering water from a nearby stream. I made a wooden stand for holding the filter system, so you can turn it around if you are dishwashing (Tap then hidden).

In Ireland we used a Katadyn "Gravity Camp", it was O.K. but there, we just used it for emergencies (Local tap water polluted).

Thing is, the "Dip Gravidyn" filters 3 times-ish as fast as the "Camp", because of 2 more filter elements, and you need this capacity for 2 persons living in the cabin.

The  keg in the corner is for filtered water from the "Dip Gravidyn", so we have a bit water stored. The "Dip Gravidyn" holds 10 liter-ish water, the brewing keg 15 liter.

We learned to use 10 Liter buckets for carrying the water, as you see below. They are better to handle on the stream and to lift for filling up the Katadyn.

Red string means eventually polluted, not drinkable, unfiltered water. And you really don't need a fancy tap on it. It just came with it, actually it is unpractical.

Backup for this setup: Shops and a 20 liter pot for boiling the water.

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