Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

Firewood Collecting Permission need this in Germany.

Basicly you need to do to the "chainsaw certification" to go to public land for collecting firewood. But with this permission you are not allowed to fell trees, you are just allowed to collect wood from the forest ground. In this basic certification (chainsaw cert.), you learn also to use a chainsaw, sharpening it, safety rules, do the service and some rules for working in/with the wood(s).

Next certification is a semi-professional license, with this license you are allowed to fell trees, in private woods. As far as I know....

Next step is then the professional license, with this license you can set up your own business producing firewood.

Well, for us the basic certification will do, I did made it a couple of years back. I think doing the certs is a good system, because you get the cowboys out of the wood.

Next week I'll ask for an appointment with the Mayor, then we will figure out an area close to the cabin for collecting the wood.

My tools are:

1. Fiskars X7
2. SOG Fasthawk (Testing for usability)
3. Handsaw (Bügelsäge)
4. Tatonka Kraxe
5. Some straps for fixing firwood to the Kraxe.

Pictures of a Kraxe, also called "Rückentrage" , kind of a back-basket.

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